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Bail Reform Is About Unfunded Pensions, Not Poor People


Bail reform advocates will have you believe bail reform is about poor people stuck in jail. That is the furthest distraction from the truth. Its about 70B of unfunded pensions to CalPIA (The California Prison Industry Authority)All the marketing slogans, extremely rare court cases citing's, and promises to special interest groups is simply smoke and mirrors. It's only about the Money and how the gov. can get their hands on it to fund themselves and their state unions. That is all. 

Lets take a look at the CalPIA Budget(The California Prison Industry Authority)

"State Retiree Health Benefits. As part of their compensation, eligible retired state employees receive state contributions towards their health premiums. Instead of setting money aside when employees earn the benefit over the course of their careers, the state has—until recently—paid for these benefits on a pay-as-you-go basis after employees retire. This has resulted in a large—exceeding…

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