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Bail Reform Is Insurance For Criminals... Except We Pay For It

Bail reform: Get arrested no problem. Bail Reform has you covered.

Jerry Brown and Sen(D) Hertzberg Want CA. To Fund Criminals. It's Called Bail Reform and has zero consideration for victims rights. Bail reform is insurance for criminals except they don't pay for it, the Victims and Taxpayers do, and rather than protecting the ones paying for bail Reform it works against them.

The concept is that all the law abiding citizens in CA. pool their money together so there is enough to front criminals release and legal fees. If someone happens to get caught dealing heroin to minors, drugging and raping a victim, or busting up your home they have a fail safe. It's called Bail Reform. "Get Out Of Jail Free" This is not likely to apply to you. It is likely going to apply to someone who does not pay taxes.

To oppose bail reform follow this link OPPOSE BAIL REFORM
If Bail Reform SB 10 passes. We are required to fund a pretrial release system. Pay all legal fees and court costs o…

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