#BailReformTruth #1. Zero Justice For Victims

#bailreformtruth #MeToo 

Bail reform advocates and media are quick to push for the free release of attackers. What is not being discussed is The Victims. There is Zero Justice For The Victim. In addition to physical & mental distress bail reform will require The Victims hard earned taxes be allocated to their attacker.
That is correct. Now in addition to being attacked they will be funding the immediate release, court cost and legal fees for private attorneys. We have to ask...Who is being punished for the crime? The Victim?

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 No accountability is currently in place in India. There are a reported 6 gang rapes in each major city in India, (not counting the smaller suburbs where this is a regular occurrence). No arrests are made. Why? Because there are no consequences to the attackers. Like Bail Reform, the law does not support the victims. Most crimes go unreported because the victims fear the ramifications of reporting the crime as attackers know where the victim lives and it will worsen their current situation. This at its core is what bail reform is offering our women and children in the US, especially in low income neighborhoods where gang members know their victims and where they live. Bail reform empowers criminals and puts citizens in harms way.

Bail Reform Let's Attacker Out For Free

We use India as an example because one of the arguments Bail Reformers use is statistics show the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. We happen to be one of the few countries that keep stats. We also have law enforcement and court systems as well as jails in place to monitor and protect us whereas other countries do not.

Stats don't often consider quality of life or law enforcement available. Even then, Stats aren't real life. India with 1.3 billion people (3.5x US population) proudly state only 413,000 are incarcerated, about 5x less than the US,  yet on average 6 women are gang raped every day in major cities and assailants go unpunished. 90% more go unreported. Why? Fear. No justice for victims and no accountability to the attackers. Bail reform advocates are not giving a fair assessment to the US. Where would you feel safer?

In other countries people get shot, raped and robbed. It goes unreported and is not considered a stat. Keep in mind there are countries that simply kill for being Homosexual, require you to get an abortion if you already have a child, or arrest you for littering or spitting in the street. Incarceration in the US may be high to you, but quality of life in the US is one of the best in the world, even for our incarcerated.



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