Bail Reform Is About Unfunded Pensions, Not Poor People


Bail reform advocates will have you believe bail reform is about poor people stuck in jail. That is the furthest distraction from the truth. Its about 70B of unfunded pensions to CalPIA (The California Prison Industry Authority) All the marketing slogans, extremely rare court cases citing's, and promises to special interest groups is simply smoke and mirrors. It's only about the Money and how the gov. can get their hands on it to fund themselves and their state unions. That is all. 

Lets take a look at the CalPIA Budget(The California Prison Industry Authority)

"State Retiree Health Benefits. As part of their compensation, eligible retired state employees receive state contributions towards their health premiums. Instead of setting money aside when employees earn the benefit over the course of their careers, the state has—until recently—paid for these benefits on a pay-as-you-go basis after employees retire.
This has resulted in a large—exceeding $70 billion and growing—unfunded liability for the state. Since 2015, the state has started implementing a plan to address this liability over the next few decades" 

Why Bail Reform in CA?

With prop 57,47 and 36 why would CA. need to implement SB10? Money

California already has everything bail reform advocates are pushing for to release people arrested for non violent crimes however, SB10 will provide billions in funding and increase the level of free release to felonies as well.
  • Prop 57 releases non violent criminals currently serving time,
  • Prop 47, reduces drug possession felonies to misdemeanors  for quick release without bail
  • Prop 36, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000, was an initiative statute that permanently changed state law to allow qualifying defendants convicted of non-violent drug possession offenses to receive a probationary sentence in lieu of incarceration
Ramifications of SB10 Bail Reform
SB10 shifts the cost from the attacker to the victims and taxpayers. Its insurance for criminals except we payIf it passes, victims of crimes and law abiding citizens will cover all cost for Legal Counsel, trials, warrants, court fees, and fugitive recovery cost with additional taxes. For the most part the money will go to a general fund that can be distributed to cover union debt.

SB10 empowers criminals by having us fund their deeds with zero justice for victims, no financial accountability and no time served

Bail Is Our Right

Bail is our right not a Gov. regulated privilege. If the Government owns a right it is then a privilege that can be manipulated, changed and rescinded as they see fit.

Any logical person understands. Poor people do not commit crimes. Criminals do and the poor are equally victimized

Bail Reform Advocates Preach Without Facts

Bail reform advocates use fabricated figures like 64% of people are in jail because they can't afford bail: Not true. They are in jail for lying to an officer. FTA, Warrants not eligible for bail etc. They use extremely rare court cases to try and make us believe these cases are common occurrences. The fact is Over 24 years there were only 200 wrongfully convicted people in California. Let that settle in. About 8 people a year.  The actual percentage of wrongful convictions is .0000415% . Total avg. cost to the state, 1.9M a year. Bail Reform supporters argue thousands of people are kept in jail that have not been proven guilty, but the numbers don't lie. They will be proven guilty.  Berkely Study & More information on this

"What about the presumption of innocence? The presumption of innocence is not part of the United States Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. It's more of a TV phrase. It is totally inapplicable in any kind of civil proceeding, even if millions of dollars or important legal rights are at stake. Even in criminal proceedings, the presumption of innocence is not a rule of law, but a rule of evidence 

Jail Cost 

Bail Reform advocates argue "It's to expensive to harbor a criminal" and is costing the state and taxpayers money. Bail reform will cost more. It will be current cost + New SB10 cost

Running a jail has a set budget that is paid by the state regardless of the amount of people in jail. 98% of the cost of running a jail is State Employees, Pensions for past and present employees, electricity cost, vehicles, Insurance-Workers comp, health, liability etc. property cost or rent. regardless if there are 1000 or 7000 or more criminals being held, the cost to the state and tax payers remains.

Bail Reform is just about the money and funding CALPIA Pensions. In addition to trying to fix a past funding problem it creates a major safety issue. There is no accountability under SB10 for criminals to show up in court or for law enforcement to bring them in.  It solves nothing, it emboldens criminals, and it puts citizens and law enforcement at much greater risk.

We are all pawns in Hertberg's, Bonta's and Gov. Jerry Browns game to get more money from California Tax Payers. Bail Reform has nothing to do with bail bondsman, poor people or criminals although each will become expendable victims of bail reform. SB10 is about money and gaining control of our constitutional rights.


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