Bail Reform Is Insurance For Criminals... Except We Pay For It

Bail reform: Get arrested no problem. Bail Reform has you covered.

Jerry Brown and Sen(D) Hertzberg Want CA. To Fund Criminals. It's Called Bail Reform and has zero consideration for victims rights. Bail reform is insurance for criminals except they don't pay for it, the Victims and Taxpayers do, and rather than protecting the ones paying for bail Reform it works against them. 

The concept is that all the law abiding citizens in CA. pool their money together so there is enough to front criminals release and legal fees. If someone happens to get caught dealing heroin to minors, drugging and raping a victim, or busting up your home they have a fail safe. It's called Bail Reform. "Get Out Of Jail Free" This is not likely to apply to you. It is likely going to apply to someone who does not pay taxes.

To oppose bail reform follow this link OPPOSE BAIL REFORM

If Bail Reform SB 10 passes. We are required to fund a pretrial release system. Pay all legal fees and court costs of our assailants.  The concept is so absurd but works flawlessly to generate more taxes and feed the Gov.

Our taxes will be used to help a domestic abuser return home, put a rapist back in his victims neighborhood or keep the local child pornographer in business. Thought the gas tax and car registration was absurd?  Jerry Brown and our elected officials are getting bolder by the day as we sit back and watch our state become the laughing stock of the country once again. 

How does the Gov. Justify replacing the 8th amendment with bail reform?

The Gov and ACLU are using the age old strategy of Rich VS Poor, Making bold statements that only poor people are in jail ignoring that Constitutional rights apply to all races rich and the poor.  If the Government owns a right it is then a privilege that can be manipulated, changed and rescinded as they see fit.  If our Right to bail is replaced by bail reform the government is taking control of our right. Law abiding citizens become slaves of the government. Citizens and victims of crimes will now have to pay for this perceived privilege in the form of excessive debt and taxes. It feeds the Gov. additional money and gives them control over the 8th amendment to decide how to change it to help themselves.

Bail Reform Strategy is disinformation and falsified numbers

The videos Bail reform supporters put out to capture the hearts of sympathizers leave key information out. Video rolls in.. minority stating her 19 year old husband was in jail and could not afford bail so he was held. What is left out? Why he was arrested, dealing heroin at a local high school that had 2 overdose victims? Fade to Grandma who has to borrow against house because bail is $300,000. In order for a suspect to be given $300,000 bail would require these types of crimes. DUI hit and run with  manslaughter charges, kidnapping or rape with a weapon, pimping minors and having enough drugs to be booked as a dealer and more. These are the minor details left out of the bail reform campaign.

What is the cost of Bail Reform? More than housing a criminal in jail

Approximately 1.1 million people are arrested in CA a year. Bail reform will cost about $350 million. These numbers make no sense.  This is what Jerry Brown, Sen(D) Hertzberg, Assemblyman(D) Bonta, Kamala Harris(D) and the ACLU don't want you to think about.

It will cost more to release criminals than to have them stay in jail or post bail with a bondsman which costs us nothing. 

As a matter of fact, bail for no shows recovered by the state of CA. currently exceeds $270,000 Million. Bail bonds are a bonus in addition to providing fugitive recovery at no cost to us. 

The presumption of innocence is not part of the United States Constitution nor the Bill of Rights.

Bail Reform advocates keep pushing that suspects are presumed innocent and have not been convicted of a crime...yet. Presumed innocent is a TV term and a movie from the 90's. The presumption of innocence is not part of the United States Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. It is totally inapplicable in any kind of civil proceeding, even if millions of dollars or important legal rights are at stake. Even in criminal proceedings, the presumption of innocence is not a rule of law, but a rule of evidence that only applies once a case has been started. Bail reform supporters are failing to accept there is evidence pending against the suspect and giving zero consideration for the victims of the crime committed. 

California's wrongful conviction rate over a 25 year period is .0000415% so presumed innocent is a really big stretch. 

Bail reform shifts the cost from the suspect to the victim and taxpayers with zero consideration for the victims

To oppose bail reform follow this link OPPOSE BAIL REFORM

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