Bail Reform Uncovered

It has been brought up as an arguing point that only 2 countries allow for cash bail. The US and The Philippines. In articles posted by Pasadena Star, Mercury fact is suppose to demean the purpose. What they fail to point out is that countries that do not offer cash bail imprison or punish without the opportunity to speak with an attorney to be released.

With an average bail amount of $34,000, we can roughly estimate that bail companies should forfeit around $172,278,810 per year to California counties. The actual figure likely exceeds $250,000,000 Compared to the oft-repeated figure of $150 million – a number that represents the accrued owed money over an unknown period of time – this is a staggering number. Bail reform proposes that the California taxpayer should fund criminal release and pay to put a system in place that will exceed 3.8B using the NJ platform to make up the difference if Bail Reform passes. The senate and Gov. Brown are doing this behind doing this behind closed doors and not allowing this to go to a ballot vote. In addition to taxing CA. Bail reform allows for release of the assailant back to the street without accountability. 

Let's go through the argument of bail reform advocates 

1. Bail punishes poor people

Poor people do not commit crimes. Criminals do, and poor people are equally victimized by these crimes. Actually more so. Bail reform allows for instant release within hours of committing a crime. This includes Burglary, property damage, car theft, non violent rape(this means your assailant drugged you first) domestic abuse, pornography, child pornography heroin meth and cocaine dealers etc. the list goes on. If you are a victim your assailant is an immediate threat once again to you that day. So if you live in a poor community run by gangs who know who you are and where you live it is not in your interest to report any of these crimes as you will likely be punished more severely upon their return.

2. It's to expensive to harbor a criminal and is costing the state and taxpayers money. Also numbers like $183 dollars a day per criminal

Running a jail has a set budget that is paid by the state regardless of the amount of people in jail. 90% of the cost of running a jail is State Employees. Pensions for past employees those employees currenty electricity cost, vehicles, Insurance-Workers comp, health, liability etc. property cost or rent. regardless if there are 100 or 700 or more criminals being held, the cost to the state and tax payers remains.

3. a pregnant mother was arrested, a man lost his job and children and other sob stories of people that could not afford $3500.00 bail but were innocent. 

Getting charges dropped is not the same as innocent. It is a reality in Ca, Dealing heroin used to be a felony now reduced to a misdemeanor and when you appear reduced to probation. Not necessarily Innocent. The reality is with a bail bond they would have been out for less than $350.00 which is less than the fine for the crime they committed in the first place and they were given time served as a credit.  Running a stop sign in Ca. or speeding cost more. Citizens are required to pay those on the date due poor or not but now Ca. has a special program for being poor and traffic fines.

SB 10 Bail Reform provides zero justice for victims and no consideration for the Poor. It caters to criminals. SB 10 is catch and release of arrested suspects, without jail or bail being required. Why? California already has a penal code in place that gives judges authority to release people who cannot afford bail or they deem are not a threat to society.
Bail Reform advocates (D)Senator Hertzberg or (D)Assemblyman Bonta state that 62% of people are in Jail simply because they cannot afford bail. There is a plethora of other reasons included in that 62% such as  failure to appear, priors, lying to an officer, etc. If SB 10 passes they plan on releasing hundreds of thousands of suspects currently awaiting trial. Where will they go? Not to (D)Senator Hertzberg or (D)Assemblyman Bonta's Neighborhoods. They will flood poor communities. Further deteriorating the fragile justice system they have in place, victimizing the poor, and undermining the Police.(Suspects in NM Laugh at judges forced to release them Bail Reform)

Who benefits? Bail reform protects the bottom line of organized crime, human traffickers and gangs that take advantage of the most vulnerable. Bail reform applies to heroin, meth and crack dealers as well as users. Car-jackers, Home burglary suspects, pedophiles, child pornographers, Rapist's that drug their victims, domestic abuse, child abuse, property damage, theft and more. If SB 10 passes these, criminals will be released under the premise that they are too poor to afford bail. These people are not poor. They are well funded by their crimes. The advocates of this bill would have us believe that poor people commit these crimes. Poor people don't commit crimes. Criminals commit crimes. Poverty is not a crime-stealing, abusing and molesting are crimes, and low income families are equally victimized by these criminals.


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