Bail Reform Riddle: A Man Walks Into A Bar and...

A man walks into a bar, assaults a woman, and steels her wedding ring. The Police show up. Who get's arrested?  The Victim!

Yes!  Bail Reform supporters advocate the assailant is the victim. If Bail Reform passes the Gov. will use her taxes to pay to get him out of jail, pay his legal fees and fear repercussions if he knows where she lives. There will be no justice for her or any other California residence under Bail Reform

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According to Bail Reform supporters once the assailant is arrested he is only a suspect and should not be held as he has not been convicted of any crime... yet. The Suspect "claims" he cannot afford bail. He has now become a "poor victim." Keep in mind that nearly everyone regardless of income states they cannot afford bail in front of the judge.

Bail Reform advocates are banking Californian's let this pass under the radar
(Bail Reform Advocate featured on right below, CA Taxpayer on Left)

Zero Justice For Actual Victims

Let's address what will happen to the actual victim under bail reform. They have a job. They pay taxes. They have committed no crime. Now they have been assaulted and robbed. Who should be responsible to pay for the legal cost of the suspect? If you answered the suspect you are wrong under the premise of Bail Reform.

Bail reform proposes that bail cost and legal fees be covered by the assaulted victim and other law abiding citizens. The suspects incurred no cost and is freed of his on accord, to maybe show up or not for his court date. More likely not. He has nothing invested, nobody to come get him and we have now incurred additional cost.

Most common Bail Reform Scenario & Bonus Question

You are guilty of a crime, have evidence against you, have zero invested in your release and are currently free.

Would you show up to court to be put in jail?

If you have any questions that went unanswered for this simple riddle let us know.


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