Wrongful Convictions in CA. .0000415% Over 24 Years

Bail Reform Supporters Don't Understand Basic Math 

Cost High+ Risk High+ Crime High = Voted out of office

Over 24 years there were 200 wrongfully convicted people in California. Let that settle in. About 8 people a year.  The actual percentage of wrongful convictions is .0000415% . Total avg. cost to the state, 1.9M a year. Bail Reform supporters argue thousands of people are kept in jail that have not been proven guilty, but the numbers don't lie. They will be proven guilty. SB 10 wants to let thousands of "not proven guilty yet" out at an est. cost of $350M(Rather than 1.9M) and have taxpayers fund their freedom. Warrant costs and Failure To Appear(FTA) will increase that cost. Bail Reform supporters want you to believe a guilty person with evidence pending against them will show up to their hearing to be put in jail. Our Gov. Officials have not done their homework and are only listening to special interest groups ACLU and Lobbyist. It's shameful, zero consideration is given for victims.

In comes Ato Walker. Bail Reform Poster Child. The perfect .0000415%  Democrats searched and hoped for. He is an African American father. His Mom posted his bail with retirement money after he spent 5 days in jail. He is "Perfect" (D) Senators & Assemblyman march him around. National TV Host that do zero research think they actually have a story and he represents a common theme; but that is not the case at all. He is actually 1 out of 8 exceptions to the 200,000 real convictions each year, and we have yet to see who the other 7 are. I'm thinking they don't match the profile Bail Reform advocates are looking for.

I agree, Ato's situation was unfortunate. It's curious that his case was dismissed with prejudice. This means an agreement was made by both sides to drop the case and not pursue further action. Not innocent, not guilty, no chance for Ato to pursue a settlement. Also both sides covered there own legal fees. Still, nobody on TV or in interviews has asked these simple questions. Why was his license was suspended? Why did he resisted arrest? Why did a judge initially put $185,000 bail before reducing it to $85,000?

 In order to help prevent the .0000415% of cases Bail Reform Supporters are proposing we pay several Hundred Million to release the other 99.99999 percent of perceived non violent felony arrest. You say "but not felons". No Not really. They were felons but it's nearly impossible to get a felony in California anymore. Prop 47 reduces Felonies to Misdemeanors everyday for quick release. Drugs, "non violent", drugging a victim and raping them(Date Rape) "Non Violent", Larceny, Fraud, Child Pornography "Non Violent" The list goes on.  If for any reason you actually get put in Jail for a felony prop 57 calls for your release & rehab. In addition, if you are arrested for a drug offense our taxes offer to pay for your rehab at the beach.

#BailReformTruth Drugs For "Your Kids" Are OK

Bail Reform will cost more to taxpayers than our current system. It will increase officers current risk by having to re arrest and increase the probability of citizens being victimized. The Numbers Don't Lie.

200 wrongful convictions over 24 years Berkely Study


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