Democrats Support Bill To Destroy Minority Neighborhoods

Bail Reform: No Justice For Victims or Poor  

SB 10 Bail Reform provides zero justice to victims and no consideration for the poor. It caters to criminals and disregards the penal code that judges use to allow suspects who cannot afford bail and are not a threat to society to be set free. Bail Reform, in its purist form is catch and release of criminals, without jail or bail being required.

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Bail Reform advocates (D)Senator Hertzberg (D)Assemblyman Bonta and the ACLU are claiming 64% of people are in jail because they cannot afford bail. This is a  lie, repeated by politicians and media. No studies or research exist to support this false claim. There are a plethora of other reasons in that alleged 64% including priors, violent crime, lying, failure to appear etc. Yet they are using this unsupported claim as the backbone of SB 10.  If Assembly Democrats are successful SB 10 will release hundreds of thousands of suspects currently in jail awaiting trial.  Where will they go? Not to (D)Senator Hertzberg or (D)Assemblyman Bonta's Neighborhoods. They will flood poor communities. Further deteriorating the fragile justice system they have in place, victimizing the poor, and undermining the Police. NM implemented this program and suspects laugh at judges forced to release them

Political Backlash
Politicians who support SB 10 are experiencing backlash from the poor communities Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson stated "The chair of the Public Safety Committee cut off my microphone when I bluntly talked about the damage that SB 10 would do to our black working families. Bill sponsors fail to respect the plight of innocent people living in tough areas.  This misguided and simplistic measure only perpetuates hopelessness and the deterioration of minority neighborhoods in urban California."  "Missing from Hertzberg and Bonta’s speeches were the voices of the rape victims, the burglarized, the bullied and the intimidated." They will no longer be able to depend on the justice system to protect them or their  community. Their voice is mute. Poor communities are the epicenter of crime. Victims will see their assailant back on the street within hours of being arrested. If you call the police, expect retaliation. The response from your assailant will be, "see you in a couple of hours!" Frustrated minority leaders voices are being suppressed, mic's turned off by politicians pushing this agenda.

SB10 is a mirror bill of AB 42 pretrial release which failed June 1.  100% of the yes votes were Democrats  Why does the Democratic Assembly want to destroy minority neighborhoods? Minority leaders feel the assmbly leaders have become so disconnected from their constituency they are simply going along to oppose Republicans.

Who benefits? Bail reform protects the bottom line of organized crime, human traffickers and gangs that take advantage of the most vulnerable. Bail reform applies to heroin, meth and crack dealers as well as users. Car-jackers, Home burglary suspects, pedophiles, child pornographers, Rapist's that drug their victims, domestic abuse, child abuse, property damage, theft and more. If SB 10 passes these, criminals will be released under the premise that they are too poor to afford bail. These people are not poor. They are well funded by their crimes. The advocates of this bill would have us believe that poor people commit these crimes. Poor people don't commit crimes. Criminals commit crimes. Poverty is not a crime-stealing, abusing and molesting are crimes, and low income families are equally victimized by these criminals.

Bail Reform in NJ is getting negative results. Christian Rodgers was shot and killed by Jules Black who was released with no bail or recourse early into bail reform being active. This has resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit. Other cases of shootings, car jackings and theft have also been reported about recently released suspects under bail reform.

Bail is not set by bondsman. It is set by Judges and the state. Bail bondsman are the gateway for people to have an opportunity to get out of Jail for 7-8% of the total bail and make payments spread out sometimes 2 years.  Lipstick Bail Bonds In Santa Ana gives Guidance and support as well as insuring arrested people show up for their court date. Bail reform threatens to eliminate the bail industry, or more likely become the governments form of bail.  Assailants will pay court fines and in some cases GPS bracelets. Both Government scenarios will likely exceed the cost of using a bail bondsman. Tax payers and crime victims will fund attorneys for suspects,  pay for a new pre-trial defense system,  cover all court cost's, warrants and fugitive recovery cost.  Currently the bail industry incurs the cost that SB 10 will burden tax payers with. Earlier this year Assembly Appropriations Committee concluded  Bail Reform will cost CA. hundreds of millions. Newer estimates for bail reform exceed a billion dollars.

Ca. Has already passes several propositions that weaken the justice system and put citizens & law enforcement in harm's way.  
AB 109 Realignment- remains the subject of significant controversy, February 20, 2017 Whittier Police officer Keith Boyer was shot by a benefactor of 109
Prop 47 reduced drug possesion and property damage to a misdemeanor. This followed by making SF #1 city in Burglary & property crime rate. San Diego, Orange County, and LA also experienced major increases in drug possesion and property damage as there is no recourse for criminals.
Prop 57 releases violent criminals and undermines victims' rights

SB 10 emboldens criminals. Provides zero justice victims. No accountability for suspects to be in court or reason for law enforcement to bring them in. It puts all citizens and law enforcement at risk and requires  Tax payers and victims pay for criminals rights  and it puts all citizens and law enforcement at much greater risk.

You do not get to vote on this. Call your assemblyman. Let them know you are  against Bail Reform and those who are failing to protect the most vulnerable in our state--us.


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